US Bail Runners

If you are concerned about bail skips and would like to evaluate flight risks, US Bail Runners can help. Search our database to access the history of your client and previously issued bail. You must be a member to use this site. Membership is $59.99 and pre-paid search credits may be purchased individually or in discounted package options.

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Nationwide Search Tool

US Bail Runners ( is a member-only, professional, one-stop information network. We are nationwide and here to assist our bail agent members when you must make the difficult decision about whether or not to post bail.

Search & Add

US Bail Runners is a technology-based platform that enables you to search a client before writing a bail. You will know in advance if your client has skipped bail in the past, but just as important, you will find historical information including addresses, accounts, known associates, and so much more.

As a member, not only can you search records already in the database, you can add information to about existing clients or even create new records to help others with information you may have about your clients.

Crowd-Sourced Database

Crowd-sourced is a new type of business where everyone contributes what they know for the benefit of the membership as a whole. In other words, the crowd provides the data. Our database is growing every day because of people like you who take the time to upload information about their customers.

When you have thousands—or even millions—of people with the same interest contributing to the same database, not only do you get far more information, but the members act as a check and balance against one another. If five people, for instance, have exactly the same information, it’s more likely the information is correct.

24/7 Access

As a member of US Bail Runners, you will have 24/7 access to detailed information on any person we have on file—prior to posting bail. Our database may be able to provide you information on whether a person has skipped, from where, when, and how many times. With more information available to you, you will gain confidence when writing bails, knowing you have taken all steps possible to ensure your risk is low or high.