About Us

Insight and Experience

US Bail Runners is your professional one-stop information network for people who skip out on bail. We are nationwide—all 50 states—and here 24/7 to service your needs as a bail agent.

On the US Bail Runners platform, bail agents add information about bails they have written and all members can then search the database. Bail agents benefit from the insight and experience of other members. As more and more members contribute to the database (by creating profiles of previous and current clients), we can all learn not just how a bail has performed for another bail company, but how that bail has performed across our entire network.

Informed Decisions

As a member of USBailRunners.com, you will have 24/7 access to detailed information on any person we have on file—before posting bail. Searches may disclose whether a person has skipped, from where, when, and how many times and well as in-depth information concerning past addresses, known associates, accounts held, and so much more. With the ability to view this detailed information, members will know they have taken every possible step in vetting a bail and also gain confidence in the decision over whether or not to post bail.

Current Technology

US Bail Runners provides a current, technology-based service—in the most effective manner—in order to arm all bail agent members with the knowledge and material needed to make sound decisions when it comes to posting bail.

Though this is the age of technology, someone still must do the groundwork and that’s why we’ve created this network. US Bail Runners knows if bail agents had a single source of in-depth information, they could make better bail decisions. With USBailRunners.com, bail agents are connected with other members of the industry to ensure everyone has the most current information on any individual in the database.

Don’t make your next bail decision without checking here first.