How US Bail Runners Works

Minimizing Your Risk

US Bail Runners is designed to assist the bail agent by providing a database of information collected through other bail businesses to aid you in the decision-making process of bail writing. That said, no matter how well informed, NO one knows if an individual will take flight once he or she leaves the jail. However, with more in-depth information you will have gained a measure of confidence knowing you have taken every step possible to ensure your peace of mind. By using, you will be assured the bail you write has cleared more than one check point.

Crowd-Sourced Data

Our website is crowd-sourced. That means bail agents—just like you—have shared their information on their skips in order for all to benefit from their personal experience with a particular individual. We encourage you to contribute your own skip information, and when you do, we will provide you with three free searches.

Membership & Search Fees

To become a member of our site so you can search for clients is just $59.99 per year. In addition, there is a nominal charge per skip search. You can save on the cost of single searches by purchasing multi-search passes. Search passes are valid for one month from date of purchase and will automatically renew until canceled.

Privacy & Liability

In order to contribute to or search our database, you must be a member. When you create an account, you will sign a release of liability permitting us to use and share your skip information with other bail agents, as well as provide you information on potential skips. We take privacy seriously—your member information will not be sold or shared with any third party.